1. What is Paintball?
Paintball is an adult version of the children’s game “Capture the Flag”. It involves both the physical exertion of moving over various terrain and the mental activity of developing strategies. The object is to capture the opposing team’s flag and bring it back to your team’s home base. While you are trying to capture the flag, you are also trying to eliminate opposing players by tagging them with a gelatine capsule filled with water-soluble paint expelled from a special air gun called a “paint gun”. When players are hit and marked, they are out for the remainder of the game and have to wait until the next one starts. Most games are timed and last between 20-40 minutes, games are played on commercial fields and are refereed to keep the game fair and controlled.
2. Is Paintball Safe?

Like any other activity or sport, there is always the potential for injury. However, standard safety rules, and the proper use of industry developed and approved safety equipment have made paintball one of the safest participatory sports. In fact, insurance company statistics have shown that more people are hurt bowling and fishing than playing paintball.

When on the field players must *ALWAYS* wear protective goggles which are usually part of a special mask which protects the eyes and face. When not on the field barrel plugs are inserted into the paintball gun to prevent paintballs from leaving the barrel. Safety is highly stressed at most fields with orientations given at the beginning of each session and referees/staff members on hand oversee the players.

Finally, commercial paintball fields limit the velocity of a fired paintball to less than 280 feet per second. Players who disregard safety instructions are usually removed from the game and sit out the next. Fields which do not enforce safety requirements should be avoided.

3. Doesn't It Hurt?

The short answer is: Heck Yes It Hurts! Getting hit by a fast moving pellet is part of the game. Fortunately, it isn’t as bad as one thinks. Paintballs break upon impact dissipating most of the energy and causing very little pain. What pain is felt is comparable to being snapped by a towel and goes away after a few seconds. Of course, being shot at close range will tend to hurt more than a hit from further away.

Generally though, the thrill of the game will overshadow any pain that might be felt from a hit. A player can count on leaving the field with a few welts, but they make great visual aids when recounting paintball stories to your buddies.

4. What do I need to bring on the day?

Players should wear old, comfortable clothing and may also want to bring a change of clothes for the conclusion of the game. We strongly recommend boots with ankle support and deep tread/rubber soles. Getting a cap to keep the paint out of your hair would be a good idea or you could purchase one at our merchandise store.

Armoured paintball gloves with disposable liners are provided at the centre, or you can bring your own. You may also want to bring some money for purchasing additional paintballs (we accept cash and credit/debit cards verified by PIN only – please note fees may apply to the use of credit and debit cards).

5. Can I bring my own paintball equipment?
You can bring your own equipment to the centre, but it is always at the discretion of the Centre Manager whether you can use it. You can bring your own goggles, provided they are designed for paintball games and have not been modified in any way. You can bring your own gun, but only if it can be subjected to a chronograph test (ball speed test), and at the discretion of the Centre Manager. We do NOT allow any customer’s own gas cylinders on site for ANY REASON.
6. Can I bring my own paintballs?
For health and safety reasons, and to maintain a consistent safety standard across all centres, you can only use paintballs issued by Battlefield Extreme Paintball on the day of your event.
7. How many paintballs will I need?
There is no way of knowing how many paintballs any individual will use, as it depends on how trigger-happy you are. It is entirely up to each person how many paintballs they want to use. The average use (by Juniors and Adults) is 100-500 paintballs per person, per day. You can purchase paintballs at the centre throughout the day, during the breaks between games.
8. How can I purchase additional items on the day?
Additional items such as paintballs, lunch, gloves and other paintball paraphernalia can be purchased from the on-site shop at Battlefield Extreme Paintball centres via cash or card
9. Is paintball suitable for children?
Parents need to know about the nature of the activity and decide for themselves whether their particular child is hardy, and mature enough to participate in paintball. Paintball is very safe, even for children if all rules are followed properly.
10. What is the minimum age?
The minimum age to play our games is 12 years old. The equipment and level of supervision provided by Battlefield Extreme Paintball makes paintball safe for any age of player – so it’s not the ‘danger’ involved that determines our age limit – rather the fact that the equipment is quite heavy, and it’s all a bit scary for very young children.  Even adults find the hairs on the back of their necks standing-up when a wave of ‘enemy’ players surges towards them, guns blazing. Little people would simply find this too intimidating.  Some 12 year olds might find it too much as well, so if you are in any doubt, please drop-by one of the centres on a weekend, and have a look for yourself – the Centre Manager, would be delighted to arrange a tour for you.
11. Can we bring alcohol to the centre?
No alcohol is permitted on site. Any players who have been drinking will be excluded from the games and asked to leave the centre.
12. What days are you open?
Our centres are open almost 365 days a year. We do strongly recommend booking your desired date well in advance to avoid disappointment.
13. What happens on the day?
On arrival, you will be greeted by our friendly staff who will check you in. After you have filled out registration forms you will be kitted up with all the gear needed for the day and undergo a compulsory safety briefing. Then the action starts! You will play 3-12 varied games depending on your chosen package, with short refreshment breaks in between to reload your paintballs and discuss tactics!
14. Do I need to fill out a registration form?
All players attending our games are required to complete our registration form before they begin play. Players under 16 years must have their form signed by an adult.
15. How many players do I need to bring?
Anywhere from 4 to 10 players per game would be just fine.
16. Will my child be playing with adults?
Where possible we will join your group with a group of similar age. However, there are often groups of mixed ages (when parents like to play with their children, or there are older siblings joining in etc).
17. What happens if it rains?
All the game zones are indoors. The games go ahead regardless, in all weather conditions.
18. What times can we play?
You can call in and check with our centre manager for bookings and regular operating timings.

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