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Battlefield Extreme Paintball is India’s best paintball brand with monthly sales exceeding 20 lakhs (30,000 dollars) from a single indoor 5,000 sq foot paintball field in Mumbai. We setup the best indoor paintball fields in India with the highest quality & safety standards. Our paintball field at Smaaash has also been featured in the 2014 Bollywood movie Khoobsurat.

We specialise in setting up state of the art themed indoor commercial paintball fields, revamping existing paintball fields, designing some of the best private outdoor paintball fields, supplying paintball equipment, taking on all monthly operations as and when required and creating amazing paintball programs for corporates which helps in team building and interpersonal skills.

We are India’s largest supplier of paintball equipment. We also have the largest selection of paintball equipment in India that includes fully automatic paintball guns, paintball sniper rifles, tactical scopes, paintball grenades, paintball overalls, oil-free paintballs and a lot more. All our paintball equipment are imported from some of the best paintball equipment companies in the world.

We love paintball We’ve been part of the industry for years and over time we’ve realized that customers playing paintball do not want to play paintball as a sport but would prefer an immersive experience. We always believe the gameplay can be fully enjoyed only when the player is completely immersed into the experience during the game period. The idea is to create a story with the available setup and equipment where people get to play the role of an elite soldier on a mission or a dangerous rogue agent.

Information is key to the experience so we setup every game like it’s a real life scenario that keeps your heart racing, from the intense pre game briefing and dress up to the immersive customized game modes. It’s not about the gear you use, it’s about how you setup up the experience!

We are proud of our zero accident record!


Our facilities are designed in the most versatile way possible so that everyone can play.

No matter how old you are, how fit you are and even if you are differently abled, you can still enjoy adventure with the highest safety standards. .


“Me being physically handicapped, I didn’t imagine playing paintball but Varun & team made it possible.”

Dharmesh Jain, Smaaash Mumbai


Battlefield Extreme Paintball is a brand owned by All-Star Extreme Sports.

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